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The best practices from the people who make the deals.

How do I get sponsored?

Learn what sponsors look for in an athlete, how to cultivate relationships, and how to pitch yourself, how to build an athlete brand that stands out, and much more.

How do I find a sports agent?

Learn what the role of sports agent is, how to find the right one for your needs, what you should expect when working with one and what the average fees are for their services.

What questions should I ask on behalf of my child athlete?

As your child's athletic career begins to take off you need to know the right questions to be asking sports agents, coaches, and sponsors. 

How do I get signed by a sports agent?

What do sponsors look for when deciding on which athlete to sign to an endorsement deal?
How do I get the attention of the college coaches I want to be recruited by? 

If you are an aspiring action sports, Olympic or collegiate athlete then you (and your parents) need to join veteran sports agents Sue Izzo and Circe Wallace as they answer these questions and many more in the Sports Management Mastermind FREE 90-minute virtual masterclass.


Learn how to build a successful career as a competitive athlete.

Your innate talent got you this far as a competitive athlete, now let us teach you how to get to the next level and become one of the best

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