Shorten Your Learning Curve On How to Build A Successful Career As An Action Sports Athlete

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The 4-Week Virtual Sports Management Mastermind Intensive provides step-by-step guidance to help action sports athletes and their families learn how to attract their dream sponsors and build a successful career as a professional athlete


Do you want to learn how to get sponsored by your favorite brands?


Is your goal to compete in the X Games, WSL, Olympics, or be a freestyle action sports athlete?


Do you want the roadmap to help your child achieve their dream in action sports?



The 4-Week Sports Management Mastermind Intensive is designed to teach action sports athletes how to get sponsored, cultivate their athletic talent, attract sports agents, build mental strength (while emphasizing fun and mental health) and educate their parents on how to best support them.


Veteran sports agents Sue Izzo and Circe Wallace, along with action sports legend Todd Richards, share the tools and resources to shorten your learning curve and provide the proven know-how from building the careers of top global athletes to help you build a successful career in action sports.


Each 90-minute LIVE virtual class provides an interactive experience where we educate, workshop ideas, host Q&A sessions, and feature special sports industry experts and professional athletes you would normally  NEVER have this kind of access to!


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I feel like years have been removed from the learning curve and the knowledge that we acquired overwhelmingly justified the investment. 

- Damon Wyler, Parent of Surfer Luke Wyler

"If there was ever a handbook for parents of action sports athletes, this is it. This mastermind is worth every penny"

- Shawn Deane, Parent of Surfer Will Deane

"The SMM gave us strategic and thoughtful guidance on how to help our son become a valued athlete and great human being"

- Elisabetta Quaglia, Parent of Snowboarder Alessandro Barbieri

Learn the best practices from the sports agents who make the deals.

Build Your Athlete Brand 

Winning isn't enough, you need to have an athlete brand that stands out.

Discover how to craft your athlete brand that is true to who you are, identify what you want to be known for, establish your uniqueness and how to use your athlete brand to add value, help get sponsored and stay sponsored!

We break down what you need to share with sponsors (and agents) when looking to get sponsored and how to do it. 

Learn how to communicate what you are all about by creating social media pillars and how to use social media to your benefit and not your detriment. Plus we share how to handle bad PR, because sometimes it happens, and cancel culture is no joke.

We share what parents should and should not do in terms of promoting their child in order to help their career, not hinder it. 

Mental Strength, Mindset, & Performance

Mindset, mental strength, and mental health are the name of the game.

As a developing athlete, it is imperative to understand how to cultivate mental strength while prioritizing mental health and why keeping it fun is critical to long-term success.  

From growth mindset to sports psychology discover how athletes can harness the power of their minds to become top competitors and understand how to establish their self-worth beyond their results.

This includes how parents can help foster this and contribute to the development of self-awareness in a positive and productive way.

And how competition preparation, skillset development, and training plays in your competitive growth and success throughout your career.

Relationship Building 

Learn how to develop and nurture relationships with sponsors, team managers, and sports agents.

Understand exactly how to start conversations with people in the industry, what to ask, what to expect, and how to create lasting mutually beneficial relationships. 

Gain insights into the role and responsibilities of the athlete, parent, agent, and sponsor and how to create healthy communication and boundaries while navigating relationship building with industry leaders.

We discuss the shifting dynamics and importance of the parent/athlete relationship as a career evolves.

Guest speakers include marketing directors, team managers, and industry leaders. 

Contract Negotiations & Sports Agents

Learn from the female Jerry McGuires themselves on how to negotiate contracts.

From contract terms,  compensation, to injury clauses, we break down what you need to know and ask for, in your contract negotiations.

Sponsorship comes with major responsibility for an athlete so it is important to understand the expectations that come with signing a deal.

And how to create healthy communication and boundaries while navigating contracts and offers. 

Hear from top sports agents on what they look for when signing athletes, what to expect, and how to build a successful partnership together. 


  • A total of 5 sessions with over 7 1/2 hours of LIVE virtual instruction, inspiration, and Q&A's
  • Class replays, wrap-up notes, worksheets
  • Access to top professional athletes, action sports marketing directors, and industry experts
  • Private SMM Facebook Group and community
  • Step-by-step how-to's, resources, and much more
  • Bonus 60-minute Q&A session (5th session)
  • Past guest speakers included Travis Rice, Dashawn Jordan, Marketing Directors from Red Bull, Go Pro and Sports Performance coach to Travis Pastrana, Paul Rodriguez, Jagger Eaton 
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