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Athlete & Member Testimonials

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See what the athletes and members have to say!

Connor Cavanagh

SMM - Participant  Snowboarder

The Sports Management Mastermind course taught me the right and wrong things to do In my snowboarding career. The experiences Sue and Circe have had with some of my favorite athletes make them the perfect people to learn from. I will use the information I learned from the course for the rest of my life in the industry and I highly recommend it to others.

Noah & Mike Avallone

SMM - Participant & Surfer

As a parent of a 14-year-old snowboarder, surfer, skater, I was drawn to Sue & Circe for their experience representing action sports athletes.⁠ ⁠ I consider myself fortunate to have been able to attend the first Sports Management Mastermind class and feel I am better prepared to help my son navigate his future, in his chosen sports, pursuing sponsors, navigating social media, and presenting his own brand. ⁠ ⁠ Not only did Sue & Circe utilize their real-life experiences, but they also brought in the most high-profile guest speakers to discuss their expertise and share knowledge with the class.⁠ ⁠ I would recommend this course to any parent trying to do their best for their kids in any competitive sport!"⁠

Bella & William Bacon

SMM Participant - Skier

As a parent, I fully consumed the Sports Management Mastermind masterclasses! The lessons learned and insider perspectives were crucial to giving me the confidence to begin talks with agents. After 3 months we found who will become a cornerstone to my daughter's career!  The guest speakers gave such a well-rounded set of experiences that their collective knowledge will forever imprint a healthy approach to managing a world-class athlete.

Danny Davis

X Games Gold Medalist & Winter Olympian - Professional Snowboarder

Navigating the action sports industry is challenging, and when you are a young kid from Michigan whose dream is coming true, it was so critical to have some guidance. Not only with sponsors and contracts, but life choices, and how to become a great athlete, while being someone who is marketable, and people want to work with. Sue Izzo was an amazing asset to my career by helping me figure out what I loved most, and how to take that energy and turn it into a career. Something that will last longer than a contest result, or one amazing video part. 

Iouri Podlatchikov

Olympic Gold Medalist Men’s Half-pipe Snowboarding

When people told me that they were afraid to work with Circe she sounded right for me. She taught me to stay calm and deny all the nonsense that inevitably will be thrown at you in any business negotiation. If you had the luck of winning her interest in representing you, you instantly became part of her family. And family, as you might already comes first!

Jack Mitrani

X Games Host & Former Professional Snowboarder

It is safe to say I wouldn't be the man I am or where I am in my career if it wasn't for the early guidance and support from, Sue Izzo. She not only did an incredible job at represented me as a professional snowboarder but also provided real-life guidance on how to be successful in all aspects of business. I deeply appreciate everything I have learned from Sue and I know you will too.

Jagger Eaton

2021 Olympic Bronze Medalist, USA Men’s Skateboarding Park and Street

Circe has been one of my biggest influences and role models since the day I’ve met her. From protecting me in negotiations to giving me valuable life advice... I’m beyond blessed to have her in my life. I always look forward to our conversations whether it’s on the phone or over dinner. She always has something positive to say, even when I mess up. She’s always there to pick me up and get me on the right path. I’m beyond blessed to have Circe in my life.

Dashawn Jordan

Team USA Skateboarding Street

Working with Circe has been a blessing, I’ve learned a lot from her on and off my board. She’s taught me to know my worth and that with hard work & dedication the sky is the limit. I avoid using the word client when it comes to talking about our relationship because it is more
then that we are family, I’ve always believed God puts certain people in your life for a reason and she’s continued to prove it.

Paul Rodriguez

Iconic Street Skateboarder

I worked with Circe for many years she was great to work with! She helped me stay focused on my craft by maximizing my business opportunities and always made sure I was protected when it came to contract negotiations and dealing with sponsor demands.

Torah Bright

Olympic 2x Gold/Silver Women’s Half-pipe Snowboarding

Circe is a force with a legacy to share. I have been lucky enough to watch her trail-blaze and grow as a business woman and a human over the last 20 years. She has incredibly valuable perspectives and wisdom. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end so many times. Circe has guided me and my family through my whole career with power and grace. I am so excited about this new way she’ll be able to inspire and impart knowledge to many more athletes and families as they navigate the sports world.

Ava Hetzel

Vanderbilt - Soccer

I think the most important thing that my mom has taught me is the importance of knowing your value. Circe has shown me that being a female athlete playing at a high level comes 

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