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Sue Izzo & Circe Wallace

With over 40 years of combined experience as top sports agents.

Sue Izzo

In 1999 Sue Izzo founded Mosaic Sports Management an athlete management agency focused on representing Professional Surfers, Snowboarders and television personalities.

Over the next 18 years Sue represented and managed the careers of Winter Olympians, X Games Gold Medalists, ESPY winners, Laurels Sports Award recipients, and World Champion Surfers. 

From procuring and negotiating millions of dollars in endorsement deals with major brands to creating and executive producing global entertainment and event properties Sue was pioneer as one of the only females to own a sports management agency in the action sports arena. 

Sue is obsessed in the cultivation and investment in young talent. She believes that in order to be the best professional you need to become the best version of yourself first. This was her calling card, her devotion to teaching her clients the necessary life lessons to thrive in and outside of their sport.  

But caring so deeply for her clients came with serious heartbreak, Sue had to face the unthinkable, the tragic death of one her clients and stood by as two other athletes faced life threatening injuries.  These experiences only strengthened Sue's resolve to fight for her athletes and their families, to make sure they were taken care of and not just thought of as just another sponsored athlete. 

In 2016 Sue sold her agency and soon after diagnosed with breast cancer. Once she finished kicking cancer's butt Sue started her business coaching and consulting business for entrepreneurs and business owners to assist them with growing their businesses and personal brands. When Sue is not helping her clients build their dreams you can find her taking horseback riding lessons or cooking up some Italian food.



Circe Wallace

After a career threatening injury as a professional snowboarder, Circe was involved in a contract dispute with her sponsor (which she won) thus she was inspired to advocate for the “little guys” and was motivated to learn the business in how to be a true advocate for the kids and athletes in the emerging world of Action Sports. 

Having watched Jerry Maguire, she started the first boutique agency specializing in Extreme or Action sports which was ultimately acquired by Wasserman where she remains the EVP of Olympic and Action Sports. 

Circe's  journey is long and filled with every kind of situation, negotiation,  and relationships in the sports and entertainment world that have earned her many accolades and she is widely respected for her no bull approach and strong belief in accountability and honesty. 

Circe is a mother of two daughters and successfully raised her eldest who received a full ride athletic scholarship to a top Pac 12 university providing another layer of understanding of how to nurture young athletes successfully through the club/high school and college experience.  With the evolving opportunity and rule changes in the NCAA she is unique in her ability to provide education and learnings not only as an agent but as a parent.

Currently Circe Represents some of the most winning and accomplished action sports athletes including Olympic Gold Medalists, and has executive produced renown global events and entertainment projects, including Travis Rice's Natural Selection.  Circe welcomes this opportunity to share her experiences with other parents and athletes in how to be not only successful on the field, mountain or competitive environment but maybe even more importantly outside of their sport.


Sports Agent Pioneers

See what the athletes and members have to say!


Circe has been one of my biggest influences and role models since the day I’ve met her. From protecting me in negotiations to giving me valuable life advice... I’m beyond blessed to have her in my life. I always look forward to our conversations whether it’s on the phone or over dinner. She always has something positive to say, even when I mess up. She’s always there to pick me up and get me on the right path. I’m beyond blessed to have Circe in my life.

Jagger Eaton- USA National Team Skateboarder double threat for Tokyo Olympics

"It is safe to say I wouldn't be the man I am or where I am in my career if it wasn't for the early guidance and support from, Sue Izzo. She not only did an incredible job at represented me as a professional snowboarder but also provided real-life guidance on how to be successful in all aspects of business. I deeply appreciate everything I have learned from Sue and I know you will too."

Jack Mitrani - X Games Host & Former Professional Snowboarder

"Circe taught me the art of negotiations; from how to stay calm, understanding negotiation tactics and how not to fall prey to them, to negotiating deals that were representative of my worth (and more) as an Olympic Gold Medalist.  If you had the luck of Circe being your sports agent you instantly became a part of her family. And when it comes to family, Circe fights hard to get you want you want and what you deserve."

Iouri Podlatchikov - Olympic Gold Medalist - Professional Snowboarder

Navigating the action sports industry is challenging, and when you are a young kid from Michigan whose dream is coming true, it was so critical to have some guidance. Not only with sponsors and contracts, but life choices, and how to become a great athlete, while being someone who is marketable, and people want to work with. Sue Izzo was an amazing asset to my career by helping me figure out what I loved most, and how to take that energy and turn it into a career. Something that will last longer than a contest result, or one amazing video part. 

Danny Davis - X Games Gold Medalist & Winter Olympian - Professional Snowboarder

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